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Meet Marta

Marta Tracy is principal of Marta Tracy Media (MTM), a boutique media/PR firm specializing in creating, building, and pitching health and wellness brand stories to multiple-media platforms: TV, digital media, radio, and podcasts.  


Marta is a brand-builder pulling from 30 years of experience as a producer, programmer, and development executive for major companies such as HBO, E! Networks, CBS, Sony Pictures Television, and She's also worked as a PR strategist and media training coach for media personalities such as Nutritionist and New York Times best-selling author Cynthia Sass and Positive Psychologist, Executive Coach, and Author, Robert Mack.

As one of the original creators of E! Networks, Marta’s industry contacts, natural networking abilities, and experience producing 100s of hours of TV and digital content distinguishes her as an authentic leader in brand development, content creation, and publishing. As a PR strategist, she coaches, prepares, pitches, and books clients for guest appearances on multi-media platforms.


A perennial optimist and philosopher at heart, Marta integrates her passion for positive, motivational, and vocational psychology into her coaching work with clients. Marrying her deep experience and expertise in entertainment with her graduate-level education in psychology, Marta offers a unique value proposition to clients ... clients who, like her, want to build a powerful, purpose-driven personal brand that is all their own.

Marta earned her Bachelors of Science (B.S.) degree in Psychology and Communications from Boston College and is currently completing her Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and Marriage & Family Therapy (M.F.T.) at California State University.


She is the co-author of the Harper-Collins-published book, Starring You! The Insiders’ Guide On How To Use The Power Of TV and Media To Launch Your Brand, Your Business and Your Life!

Marta Tracy Media Clients Have Been Booked On

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