3 Takeaways from My Chat with Journalist and Author Tamsen Fadal

Tamsen Fadal is meeting the moment by helping the people of New York City get through these challenging times as an evening anchor and journalist for Pix11 News.

I spoke with Tamsen on my live YouTube show "Meet the Moment" recently about how to be a great television guest. She shared some incredible tips which I've summarized below, but if you want to watch the full conversation we had, you can watch it here on YouTube. The pandemic has taught her to be “less glossy” and "more authentic” on-camera and behind the scenes in her personal life.

She also turned 50 this year and is on a new journey to find women who have succeeded in figuring out “What’s Next?” in their lives and careers. Telling their stories in media is her new realized passion. As she launched her career in journalism, Tamsen learned from watching mentors perform on-camera. She mentioned TV journalist, Elizabeth Vargas, as someone who inspired her to "be prepared" and “buttoned up” on camera. If you are appearing on-camera as a guest expert, Tamsen offered the following tips on dealing with nervousness and anxiety: 1. Be prepared. 2. Be enthusiastic. 3. Think about what’s the worst that can happen, and shoot for the best. Tamsen offered the following tips on being a good TV guest: 1. Have new information to share. Figure our what’s “your story.” 2. During interviews make it a conversation and less about planned questions and responses. 3. Be open to having a two-way dialogue. Be flexible about conveying your talking points. On pitching to the media: 1. Less is more. 2. Edit your pitch so it’s concise. (If this is not your strength, no worries! I may be able to help you out!) 3. Create an alluring title and get your message across in two to three sentences with simple talking points

To learn more about Tamsen, you can visit her website here.

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