3 Ways to Catch the Attention of the Media with Your Pitch

Updated: Nov 12

With a more crowded and competitive field of pitches than ever, capturing the attention of producers with your pitch is key. Public relations is a balance of relationships with existing media contacts and pitching new ones.

Here’s three ways to catch the attention of major media outlets with your pitch:

1. Establish a strong moniker

My client, Danielle Sepsy, is a chef and baker in New York City. She is best known for baking delicious pastries that are stocked in some of New York’s biggest coffee shop chains, like Joe’s Coffee and Birch Coffee. Danielle’s fans refer to her as “The Scone Queen.”

When I learned this I took a moment and thought to myself, “there’s something good here … but I don’t know if “Scone Queen” is the best descriptor for Danielle. After a few beats, I suggested a slightly different one, one that flows off the tongue a little easier and grabs attention.

“Queen of Scones,” I said. When I reworded her moniker in this new way, it quickly resonated with producers at WPIX in New York, and she was quickly booked to do a field segment baking scones and pastries in her Long Island City kitchen.

The takeaway: a strong moniker can establish you as a thought leader or expert in your field, which is incredibly attractive to the media.

Take for example, Dr. Wendy Walsh, “America’s Relationship Expert.” Or Andrew Mellen, “The Most Organized Man in America.” Both have been widely featured in the media, and both Wendy and Andrew have been on my live show “Meet the Moment,” which you should absolutely check out to learn more about the power of creating a strong brand.

2. Craft a one-of-a-kind pitch that is unique to your message

My client, Sara Schulting-Kranz, is a thought leader and authority on the healing powers of nature.

In order to get the attention a nationally syndicated show, I suggested she shoot a video of herself paddling off the Pacific Ocean saying hello to their supervising producer and pitching him from the sea. Sara shot the video pitch amid a school of dolphins. How unique is that?

Apparently, unique enough to capture the attention of the show. The following week, crews were at her home taping not one but two segments on the healing power of nature!

The takeaway: Pitch in more creative ways than a written email. What idea can take your pitch to the next level and capture attention?

3. Showcase the community you’ve built around your brand

Producers are interested in more than just how many followers you have on Instagram.

You need a clean website that displays all the ways you’re growing your community of followers. Do you have a podcast? An email newsletter? What about a presence on TikTok? Are you the author of your own book? The more ways you’re reaching people and distributing your message, the more interested producers are in booking you!

Sara is a great example of this with her TED Talk, her book, Walk Through This, her Live Boldly podcast, plus a documentary film in the works!

With these three tips, you can grab the attention of any producer and have a better shot at booking yourself on their show or platform!

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