Brands Doing It Right: Sara Schulting-Kranz - Professional Coach, Wilderness Guide, Author

When I first met Sara Schulting-Kranz, I was drawn to her transparency and authentic story.

A survivor of multiple traumatic experiences, Sara found solace in nature. When she was struggling with emotional pain, she hit the trails in the Grand Canyon where she did deep soul searching and in time, reclaimed her personal power.

Since Sara was successful at overcoming her trauma and practicing the art of forgiveness, she decided to help others by developing her own coaching practice. Soon after, she developed the idea of bringing people on wilderness retreats to the Grand Canyon. With her personal coaching and healing retreats, clients could heal and transform into their more resilient, optimistic, and fulfilled selves.

Having been on one of Sara’s retreats to the Grand Canyon, I have to tell youit’s for those ready to “walk the walk”, not simply “talk the walk.” The trails descend deep into the bottom of the canyon.

My Grand Canyon experience was a life-changing one. My time hiking for miles in the Canyon was enriched by spending quality time with a group of women and witnessing them uncover layers of their own unique human experiences. They say you don’t come out of Sara’s Grand Canyon experience the same way you came into it, and this was certainly true for me.

Besides her realness and authenticity, Sara’s ability to evolve her brand and develop brand extensions over time makes her a brand doing it right.

First, she started with a personal coaching service.

Then, she developed her transformative healing retreats to the Grand Canyon.

Next, she wrote a book on her own transformation through nature and insights from producing her retreats into the wilderness. I introduced Sara to a superstar literary agent, who eventually introduced her to her publisher, HarperCollins.

People got wind of Sara’s brand, and she was soon sought after to be a speaker at TEDx on the topic of forgiveness.

But that’s not all. Sara’s brand is one to watch because it continues evolving. In April 2020, Sara launched the “Live Boldly” podcast where she interviews guest experts on topics relevant to her brand, such as overcoming trauma, the healing powers of nature, and the art of forgiveness.

Her website now offers “Live Boldly Apparel” and a “forgiveness” bracelet.

The brand extensions don’t stop there. Sara is also the executive producer of a documentary of her own journey through healing and nature and the process of transforming others through her wilderness retreats.

Sara Schulting-Kranz is a “brand doing it right.” At the heart of her brand is her authenticity,

and she keeps her brand relevant and relatable by continuing to evolve her message, her services, and her brand extensions.

I spoke with Sara on my live YouTube chat show Meet the Moment. Miss our conversation? You can watch here.