Here's Why You Need to Go on A Picnic This Summer

Psychologists and researchers agree - there are a myriad of health and wellness benefits of being in nature.

What's a great way to gather with friends and enjoy the outdoors - how about a good old fashioned picnic.

That's right - a picnic!

I’ve gone of a few picnics this summer, and doing so has brought me and some of my friends a sense of playfulness and joy we haven't felt in a long time.

So here's an idea for you this summer: instead of going to a restaurant, surprise your friends and family and plan a picnic in the park, on your favorite beach, backyard, rooftop, or patio.

Putting together a picnic takes some time, so here’s a checklist of some things you may like to pack:

1. Picnic basket

2. Tablecloth

3. Utensils rolled in cloth napkins

4. Sandwiches

5. Snacks: Fruit, nuts, chips, etc.

6. Drinks

7. Ice or Ice packs to keep everything cool

And the best part is that you can keep it simple or get as fancy as you wish.

My friend Marilyn, who is a great cook, taught me how to make a simple delish chicken salad. (Pro tip: To make sure the bread doesn’t get soggy, it’s a good idea to put the chicken salad in a container and spread it on your favorite bread once you are ready to eat.)

What I realized while sitting in my most recent picnic with Marilyn is that picnics (what I do for fun) have a lot in common with brand-building (what I do for a living).

Both take planning, effort and creativity. Just like no two picnics are alike, every successful brand is distinctive and different.

If you are building your brand and need some help making your brand unique and media ready, send me a note at (You can also send me a photo of your picnic setup, so I can share it with everyone on social media!)