How to Get Featured in National Media with Animal Expert Corbin Maxey

This week I was looking back at my conversation with animal expert Corbin Maxey on my live YouTube show Meet the Moment.

Corbin has been widely featured on national TV, from "The Today Show" to "The Tonight Show." But it's not just these media features that has led Corbin to grow his audience of fans, its his consistent and engaging social media presence showcasing his exotic animals and expertise.

Here are four takeaways from my conversation with Corbin:

1. When starting out, use local media to your advantage to build a reel. And don’t get let down too easy – keep showing up because it can take years before you reach your goal.

2. Pitch correctly – short and to the point and make sure to include a video link of yourself.

3. Be nice to everyone no matter who it is. Pages turn into producers and will remember how you treated them. Also, play it cool. Be respectful and treat celebrities you may interact with like normal people.

4. Take social media as well as follower and brand building seriously – it’s never too late to join a social media platform!

If you missed our chat, you can watch it here! Like me, you will be amazed by Corbin's energy, passion for animals, and his incredible presence on camera.

Would love to know what you think of our chat - leave me a comment or message on Instagram @martatracy, and I hope this has helped inspire you and your brand to keep meeting the moment!