How to Pitch to Entertainment and Lifestyle Publication with Leslie Peirez of Yahoo!

My most recent guest on Meet The Moment, Leslie Peirez, transitioned to work in digital entertainment after working in broadcast television for the “NBC Today Show,” “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” ABC’s “The Chew” and “The Martha Stewart Show.” After working with Amazon, she moved onto her current position as Executive Producer for Yahoo! Entertainment and Lifestyle.

Since she has seen 100s of pitches in her career, we asked her to share some of her secrets on what makes a good pitch. Here are some of her highlights of our conversation:

What Makes A Good Pitch?

1. Have a “grabby headline” in the RE: of your email pitch. Use current buzz words to catch attention like “secrets,” “anti-aging,” and “mental health.”

2. Your pitch should be two short paragraphs, as the purpose is to create interest, not to send a lengthy document. If there is interest, producers and editors will ask for more.

3. The ideal pitch should answer these three key questions:

Who is the talent?

What do they want to share?

How will they bring the segment to life?

Some Other Points to Consider:

1. Make should you are pitching the right outlet the right content. Do your research. Go to the show’s or platform’s website and see what content they like and what they have featured in the past. Make sure your idea is a good fit for their audience and that your idea is fresh and current.

2. Don’t pitch what has been done before. Make sure your pitch is relevant to their audience.

3. If they pass, ask the producer/writer “what are you currently looking for?”

Here are the three elements you pitch definitely needs to include:

1. Website with mini bio

2 Reel of talent speaking to camera or one or two great clips

3. Links to the talent’s Instagram, TikTok, or most prominent social media profile

Thank you to Leslie for sharing your top pitching tips!

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