Seas the Day! 6 Steps to Position Your Brand for Success

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

My friends and I are all watching My Octopus Teacher on Netflix. It’s quite a heart-warming story about a creative filmmaker’s relationship underwater with an octopus.

This got me thinking about who we are in the sea of life and I have this question for you: in the sea of life, what are you putting out there about yourself, your business, your work and your career? Where are you heading? How will you swim through the turbulence of our unsettling times to manage the unforeseeable future?

Perhaps in this time of the pandemic, protests, and a potentially unstable election, it’s time to sort out who you are and how to position yourself for success, whether it’s your first time doing so, or you are contemplating change for future growth and opportunities.

Let's start here.

Positioning is presenting yourself to the right person, in the right way, with the right message. This applies to every relationship, every client, and every business venture - and most certainly to health and wellness professionals, authors, and experts who want to emerge as leaders in our industry.

What separates professionals from the “wannabes” is their ability to make whatever they are providing of vital important to every prospect.

Positioning is not something that happens overnight or once and for all. It’s an ongoing process of defining new ways to present yourself to current clients and potential client prospects.

The better you plan your strategy for positioning yourself, the more successful your efforts are going to be.

Here are 6 steps to consider as you contemplate your own positioning strategy.

1.  Position yourself first. How you see and how you define yourself will determine how others see you, so take charge of the image you wish to present to others. How you define yourself will come across in everything you do whether it’s getting ready to interview a new client, close a new deal, or present yourself to a new audience.

2.  Position your energy. How we show up in the world sends out a message every day. What will your message be? A positive and passionate disposition towards your work, your clients, and your prospects sets an engaging stage for current conversations and future business dealings. Bring your positive energy to every encounter or reschedule for another day when you are upbeat and energized. No one wants to do business with “Negative Nellie” or “Pouty Pete!"

3. Position your appearance. What you wear from head-to-toe and how you groom yourself sends out a message of confidence or lack thereof. Keep your look simple and neat, together and polished. Psychologists say the first 60 seconds we meet someone determines their opinion of us. Make your appearance count from the get-go, whether you are meeting someone in person or on Zoom.

4. Position your accountability. Are you a person who is “all talk,” or do you have a reputation for delivering the goods? Don’t say you are going to do something and never follow through. Actions speak louder than words. If you say you are going to follow up, follow up and follow through. Develop the mindset for being accountable for your words. And don’t make promises you can’t keep.

5. Position yourself with excellent listening skills. The best way you can respect another person is by giving them your 100% attention. When you are talking to anyone – a friend, a colleague, or potential client, give them your full and undivided attention. Being fully present shows interest and makes everyone feel important. In business, listen carefully to what your client’s goals, needs and wants are, so you can reiterate them using their key words and language.

6. Position yourself with benefits. What benefits can you share with your audience? I believe in every post, in every media appearance, in every pitch letter, in every Ted Talk and on every Zoom call, the most important thing you can do for your audience is to provide them with benefits. Here is an audience check list quiz to take before you reach out to your audience: A. Why should anyone sign on? B. Why should anyone listen? C. Why should anyone subscribe? D. Why should anyone spend their time here? E. What is the value/benefits anyone will receive from showing up here? If you have answered yes to all of the above, proceed to step 2. If not, start again to make sure you have positioned yourself for success. Tangible Tip in a nutshell (make that sea shell) – If you want people to pay you as a professional, position yourself as a professional in every possible way.

If you're interested in learning more about building your best brand in the new year, check out upcoming episodes from my live show "Meet the Moment." I'll share my most valuable tips for positioning your brand + you can join in on the conversation and ask me questions using the live chat! I hope to see you there!