Supergoop!: A Mega-Brand Doing It Right

Photo credit: San Antonio Magazine

When Holly Thaggard’s best friend got skin cancer, she learned from a close friend and dermatologist that skin cancer builds over time from repeat sun exposure.

As the daughter of two entrepreneurs, she was taught to find “the white space,” or area of opportunity, in creating a business that no one has explored to date. Soon, Holly was interviewing geeky chemists determined to create a sunscreen that felt so luxurious that you’d want to put it on every day in every season, She also challenged her chemist to create a sunscreen without the binding chemical, oxybenzone, a cancer causing chemical found in most sunscreens.

It took many years of struggles and set-backs, but eventually Sephora featured her product on their shelves, and soon after, Nordstrom.

Today, Supergoop! is a 41-million dollar company and counting. How did Holly Thaggard

take the sleepy sunscreen industry and turn it upside down? And what can smaller brands learn about the business of branding from this mega-brand?

1. Holly Thaggard started out with an audacious mission statement:

“As the Experts in SPF, we can’t stop and won’t stop innovating so that we can get SPF onto everyone’s skin, everywhere, every. single. day.”

2. She was clear and consistent in her brand benefits. Every product is:

a) Reef Safe.

b) Cruelty Free.

c) Made with clean ingredients.

3. And she was un-relentless in her pursuit of finding merchandising advocates like Sephora.

While we can’t all be mega-brands, we can learn by studying the superstars.

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