The Friday 3: August 13, 2021

Here's How to Transform a Full Day Into a Fulfilling Day l The Friday 3: August 13, 2021

Happy Friday!

Here's what inspired me this week.

1) What I'm Listening To...

The audiobook Everyday Vitality: Turning Stress into Strength by Suzanne Boardman MD.

After a friend turned me onto last week’s New York Sunday Times’ article on Dr. Suzanne Boardman, I immediately downloaded her new book on Audible.

In Everyday Vitality, New York City psychiatrist, Dr. Samantha Boardman, shows listeners how to find strength within their stress and how to transform full days into more fulfilling days.

As Dr. Boardman explains, the three main wellsprings of vitality are: meaningfully connecting with others, engaging in experiences that challenge you, and contributing to something beyond yourself. These activities foster resilience by boosting emotional stamina and generating uplifts--the counterparts to daily irritations and annoyances.

Whether it is having a good conversation, doing a favor for someone, going for a walk, or reading an interesting article and then calling a friend to talk about it, commonplace experiences and micro-moments serve as the building blocks of everyday resilience. Everyday Vitality explains how to identify them in your life, develop them, and use them as a foundation on which to thrive.

Dr. Boardman also has a master’s degree from University of Pennsylvania in Positive Psychology. Check out her blog, “Positive Prescription.”

2) What I'm Making...

Pineapple Ginger Juice from Samira Kazan (@alphafoodie.)

It’s sweet, refreshing, spicy, tangy, and tart juice. You can drink it as shots or sip on the juice throughout the day to add some zing into your life.

Only five good-for-you ingredients: pineapple, ginger, turmeric, lemon, and pepper.

Check out the recipe.

3) Where I'm Heading...

To the movies to see the Anthony Bourdain documentary, Roadrunner.

Make it a great weekend.

All my best,

Marta Tracy

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