The Friday 3: July 23, 2021

Want to Listen in on a Therapy Session? I Have a Podcast For You l The Friday 3: July 23, 2021

Hi there,

I am a believer in the "Power of 3," and here are 3 things I found to inspire us this coming week.

1) What I'm Listening To...

“Dear Therapists," the podcast from therapists Lori Gotlieb and Guy Welch that invites you to be a fly-on-the-wall in their sessions with real clients. Gotlieb is the author of Maybe You Should Talk To Someone and Welch is the author of Emotional First Aid. Both therapists are also TED Speakers.

2) What I'm Watching...

The second premiere of Dr. Gabor Mate’s documentary The Wisdom of Trauma July 28-August 1.

During his childhood, Dr. Mate lived in Hungry as the Nazi army descended on his native homeland. Dr. Mate was too young to know what was going on, but he witnessed and absorbed the trauma his mother was feeling. This early childhood experience drew him to become a specialist in the study of early childhood addiction and trauma.

3) What I'm Contemplating...

The Feeling Wheel by Gloria Willcox. Increase your emotional intelligence and awareness with this tool that helps you identify your emotions and learn how to put what you are feeling into words.

You can view The Feeling Wheel from The Gottman Institute here.Have a lovely weekend!

With love,

Marta Tracy

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