The Friday 3: July 9, 2021

What Your Mind and Body Need This Week l The Friday 3: July 9, 2021

Happy Friday!

This week I've been getting more in touch with what my body and mind need - the foods that best nourish my body and the relationships that provide me the most joy.

I hope the Friday 3 this week inspires you to try something new to better yourself!

1) What Game I'm Playing...

Where Should We Begin: A Game Of Stories, the brand new storytelling card game from sex therapist and relationship expert, Esther Perel. As we head back into the world again, this card deck can help you connect with your date, your partner, and even party guests.

2) What Game I'm Writing...

The words “What If… “ across the top of my journal to help me imagine what’s possible.

Instead of getting stuck in “what to do” and “whining talk,” the words “what if…” are motivating because they open up one’s imagination and build confidence in thought creation. Try it and see if these two words can open up a world of possibilities for you too.

3) What I'm Reading...

Health magazine’s article “The Weight Loss Grocery List” written by my favorite nutritionist, Cynthia Sass, MPH, MA, RDN, CSSD. Cynthia gives an amazing aisle-by-aisle breakdown of what foods to eat to help you lose your COVID weight.

If you’d like some ideas on how to build your brand’s niche and missed by conversation with Cynthia on Meet the Moment, you can watch here.Have a GREAT weekend!

With love,

Marta Tracy

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