The Friday 3: June 25, 2021

Resilience & Mental Health Dominate the Media l The Friday 3: June 25, 2021

Hi there,

Marta Tracy here.

If you’ve read my book Starring You! you know that I am a believer in the "Power of 3" when communicating a message. You’ll often hear me say “use 3 talking points when speaking," “use 3 bullet points to describe your brand,” and “don’t pitch more than 3 great ideas to the media at one time.” Today, it’s more from me about the power of 3, but this time I’m sharing 3 things that are capturing my interest, catching my attention, and inspiring me in some way. My hope is that some of the things that are appealing to me will be inspiring to you as well.

1) What I'm Watching...

In Treatment on HBO Max. Back for its fourth season after a ten-year absence, this drama series features a psychologist confronting some uneasy personal truths.

Emmy Winner, Uzo Aduba, of the hit series Orange is the New Black and Mrs. America plays Dr. Brooke Taylor, a therapist based in Los Angeles who, in addition to managing her own clients’ problems, manages her own, including alcohol addiction and the aftermath of putting her son up for adoption. If you’ve ever thought about being a “fly on the wall” in a therapist’s office, this series may be right for you.

To dive deeper inside the In Treatment stories, you can listen to the In Treatment podcast here.

2) What I'm Listening To...

One of my favorite weekly podcasts is Feel Better, Live More with British physician, author, TV host and podcaster, Dr. Ranjan Chatterjee. His podcasts feature a wide array of guests who talk about three of my favorite topics: mind, body, and heart. His mission is to help 100 million people feel fantastic by restoring them to optimal health. He is a proponent of progressive medicine, which takes a 360-degree approach to looking at health and illness.

In one episode, Dr. Chatterjee talks about the surprising benefits of taking a break from alcohol with author Andy Ramage. In another episode, he chats with Professor Matthew Walker about how to get a better night sleep. And my most recent favorite episode is Dr. Chatterjee's conversation with Dr. Pragya Agarwal about how to teach your children about race.

3) What I'm Reading...

Flashback Girl: Lessons On Resilience from a Burn Survivor by Dr. Lise DeGuire.

If you are looking for an inspirational book to read this summer, Flashback Girl should be one you consider. At the age of four Lise Deguire suffered third-degree burns on 65% of her body due to both maternal and corporate negligence. Against the odds, she lived through the trauma and decades of treatment as a burn survivor. This book is her memoir which describes the dysfunctional and tragic world of her family, which included artistic genius, narcissistic parents, and four suicides. Despite the seriousness of the subject, the tone of her memoir is upbeat, humorous, and inspiring.

Dr. Deguire joined me on my live YouTube show Meet the Moment recently to share her incredible story of resilience.

>> Watch here. <<

That's it from me this week!

Keep showing up and meeting the moment!

With love,

Marta Tracy

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