The Friday 3: October 1, 2021

I'm Hosting My First-Ever Workshop! Join Me? l The Friday 3: October 1, 2021

Happy October 1st!

Have you ever thought about pitching the media? You know I believe that PR is a great way to build your brand’s awareness, your credibility as an expert, and drive growth to your business. And coming up this month a couple of my industry friends and I are coming together to inspire you to show up for yourself and your brand by signing up for our upcoming virtual workshop.This week, I started working on the content for my upcoming workshop “Foundations of Branding.”

That’s right, on Saturday, October 30th, you can join me and my colleagues for a three-hour interactive workshop with not one, but three experts:

1. Chris Russo of Russo Strategic Partners will share how to hone your brand message and grow an audience online.

2. Marta Tracy (that’s me!) will be sharing secrets on how to nail a pitch to the media.

3. Karen Kelly rounds out our circle of three to show you how to write a book proposal and get your book published.

I’m preparing slides to present in our workshop on what a media pitch is.

Here is a sneak preview:

1. A media pitch is a concise, personalized message to a producer, journalist or editor on a TV show, newspaper, magazine, blog, or podcast.

2. A media pitch is designed to entice the producer, journalist, or editor to contact you and learn more about your business or brand.

3. Your pitch can be sent via email or through direct messages on social media platforms such as LinkedIn or Instagram.

I’m finding the words to explain the difference between a media pitch and a press release.

1. Your pitch is a “tease” to spark the interest of a producer, journalist or reporter, so they want to contact you to learn more and get the full story.

2. A pitch needs to convey value and be relevant.

3. One way to start a pitch is with a research fact or statistics because the media is always looking for compelling research trends.

While a press release…

1. Tells the who, what, when, and why of your story idea.

2. The media can take excerpts of your “presser” and publish as-is.

3. May be distributed to outlets in mass.

If you’d like to learn more and apply to join the “Foundations of Branding,” workshop, click here. I’ll be sending you more news and updates on our workshop right here, so stay tuned for more info.

Have a great weekend!


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