The Friday 3: October 8, 2021

Here's What You Should Know About the Facebook Whistleblower l The Friday 3: October 8, 2021

Happy Friday!

I've been listening to a lot of podcasts this week and am learning so many new things.

1) I'm listening to...

Facebook whistleblower, Francis Haugen.

Haugen told a Senate panel that Facebook ignored its harmful effects on young people in pursuit of profit. What makes this media story unique is that the hearing united Republicans and Democrats who are coming together to propose legislation to make Facebook accountable.

The Wall Street Journal was the first to break this story, the piece on 60 Minutes was very compelling, and if you have 28 minutes for a deeper dive, this week's New York Times podcast "The Daily" on the topic is fantastic.

2) I'm learning about...

the trend of how the media is continuing to cast black women in the role of therapists.

You can learn more about this emerging topic on NPR's Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast.

3) I'm researching...

how colors in your logo and branding can impact the perception of your brand.

For example, green is associated with balance, growth, and prosperity, while orange is associated with warm, optimism, and freedom. Check out the graphic below for more examples.

And speaking of branding, if you have 3 hours on Saturday, October 30th (that is the day before Halloween), you can join me and two of my favorite colleagues for my first-ever virtual workshop to learn about the foundations of branding, pitching the media, and writing your very own book. You can find out if you’re the right fit for this workshop by applying here.

Have a great weekend!

With love,

Marta Tracy

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