The Friday 3: September 24, 2021

America's Relationship Expert Joins me LIVE Today! l The Friday 3: September 24, 2021

Happy Friday!

I hope you can join me today for my conversation with Dr. Wendy Walsh, America's Relationship Expert. Here's 3 reasons you should sign up and join us.

1) Dr. Wendy is a social media superstar.

With millions of likes and views on TikTok plus a mastery subscription-based social platform Patreon, Dr. Wendy has mastered using social media to build an audience and generate subscription-based revenue streams: a key to building a successful online brand and business.

2) Dr. Wendy has the BEST relationship advice.

Seriously, she does. Check out her bite-sized videos on Instagram. She shares what real love feels like, how to know if you partner is lying to you, and three things all single women need to know. With her short and punchy format, Dr. Wendy delivers valuable advice in every video she makes. It's how she's built such a great following!

3) Dr. Wendy's therapy background will inspire you.

Her insight on interpersonal relationships with your audience - whether that's on social media, your blog, or your podcast - will inspire you to take your brand to the next level.

Have an amazing weekend!

With love,

Marta Tracy

P.S. Missed it live? Watch the replay here.

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