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“Marta Tracy is one of the most respected, resilient, and remarkably effective experts in the industry, period. A perennial optimist, she has a unique, confidence-inspiring perspective of the business and a track record of success, to boot. Marta understands just how to position your brand for success, create “the perfect pitch,” and get that pitch into the hands of the top producers and content creators in media today. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.”

- Robert Mack

Positive Psychology Expert, Executive Coach, & Author of “Happiness from the Inside Out: The Art and Science of Fulfillment"

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“One of the most creative and influential players in the entertainment industry, Marta Tracy has taught me invaluable skills that have helped me succeed in this rewarding, yet very competitive business. From basic brand development, to overseeing successful pitches and ideas come to life, Marta Tracy’s extensive experience in broadcast and lifestyle programing have helped me land appearances on a variety of different national television programs, including a regular guest spot on NBC's 'The Today Show.'”

- Corbin Maxey

Animal Expert and Regular Guest on "The Today Show"

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"Marta met me while I was speaking at an industry event. She instantly knew I had 'the right stuff' to build a brand that would be helpful to many and that my book would be attractive to top tier book agents. She introduced me to an influential book agent in New York who recently orchestrated my first book publishing deal with Harper Collins."

- Sara Schulting-Kranz

Professional Coach, Wilderness Guide, TEDx Speaker, and Author

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“I always have confidence that Marta will present me to the media in a way that is in authentic alignment with my brand. She’s a collaborator, communicator, and connector with real relationships in the media industry.”

- Jessica Schatz

The Core Expert and Integrative Wellness Coach

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